Over the years we have assisted many people in finding a "Bingo Buddy" to share the fun, excitement, and best of all the cost of the annual Bingo Cruise. If traveling alone, you may wish to consider this special program. We collect information from those wishing to find a "Bingo Buddy." We place this information on our "Bingo Buddy” list and periodically send a copy to everyone on the list. We leave it up to you to contact one another to determine if you are compatible. Once you find a "Bingo Buddy", simply notify us and we book the two of you into the cabin of your choice. It's that simple!

To get started, simply fill out the form below. After answering a few questions about yourself, we will ensure that you are added to the "Bingo Buddy” list!​ This information will only be shared with others on the "Bingo Buddy” list.